Steve Miller Band, Fleetwood Mac, and 1 more
Cotton Bowl - Dallas, TX
Picture?width=180&height=180 montybritton Steve Miller Band, Fleetwood Mac w/ Bob Welch at Cotton Bowl
The first time I saw the beautiful Stevie Nicks in person! I was only 15 and this boy was in love with a goddess!!
This was my first concert ever. I rode with some of my parent's friends to the Cotton Bowl in Dallas on that cloudy and dreary day in July. It was cooler than usual and the first band was amazing. Little River Band was the first act to play. Then Bob Welch, then Steve Miller and finally Fleetwood Mac! We were on the floor and I was able to squeeze myself closer to the very tall stage. I had to see the most beautiful woman in rock. And I will never forget the first time I laid eyes upon such beauty! I remember the details of the show like it was only a few years ago. Strange how a mind retains such things. But for years I kept thinking the concert was on August 16, 1978 until years later I looked it up and it was July 23, 1978. Saw the set list but I remember the encore being a "new song off our upcoming album" called Sisters of the Moon. It was that song that sent me over the edge with Stevie's magnificent performance. She was all spread out onto the floor of the stage really singing and performing this song (even Rhiannon was not this great of stage performance as this) and right then and there she transports you into her world. I will never forget this concert. And I am glad it was my favorite band of all time!
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talk about a first concert! how awesome!

That is really cool

Nothing like that first concert huh?