Boyz II Men, New Kids on the Block, and 1 more
Amalie Arena - Tampa, FL
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My name is Shaun Sagunsky. I and my wife are big fan's of the new kid's on the block. They are the best singers/band out there. When we lived in Wisconsin, Brenda my wife saw them when they played in milwaukee and i did not get to go due to not having the money for both of us to go, so her and her friends went. But what i am e-mail you about right now is that about 3 years ago my wife and i and our now 21 year old Daughter down here to Florida so our daughter could go to school down here and live her dream of being a Florida gator. By looking at your Web page, i saw that they are coming to Tampa, FL at the AMALIE ARENA on july 15th and we both want to come see the show, but due to us losing our house because of the landlord wanting her house back and i not having a job, we don't have the money to come see the show.
See, i am disabled with Cerebral palsy in my legs and i can still walk, but it is different then you can and i can't walk for long Distances of time. Due to that it is hard for me to find a job and help pay for things i should for being a husband and dad to our daughter. I was hoping that they was a way that maybe we can get tickets to the show and maybe meet them and maybe you so we/i can thank you in person.
We called the box office of were they are going to have the show, but they said that they can not help us at all.
Please let me know what you think and if you can please help us out with this matter and if you can't, please send this to someone that can. Sometimes you just need a date night with the love of your like to a great concert like this.
Shaun Sagunsky
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