Grateful Dead
Picture?width=180&height=180 RichardLionHeart How and why I got on the bus by Gus.

How and why I got on the bus by Gus.

It all started for me in 1973 I was a 14yo volunteer at the Berkshire Mt Bluegrass fest. I listened with great enthusiasm musicians like Peter Rowen and Vassar Clemments. Their interplay was amazing and I knew I was hooked on the jamming these guys did so well. Fast forward a couple years later and discovered an album called Old And In The Way with those guys and someone named Jerry Garcia on Banjo. Wow it just couldn't get any better or so I thought. I soon became familiar with another to be classic, Workingmans Dead and Europe 72.
Forward again to Spring 77. My 1st show New Haven Coliseum on 5/5 three days before the the famed Barton Hall and my 2nd, 3 weeks later 5/28 at Hartford civic center of which I stand by my belief I saw the best Terrapin performance ever! I was blessed to see Jerry and the Dead many times and still miss his interaction with them but ever so Grateful the music never stopped and have been to every incarnation though out my 40 plus years of live music love. I look forward every day to my next opportunity wether it's Phil & Friends, Dead & Co, Billy & The Kids or Bobby and his Cowboy tunes. So with that I say bring on what a got. Always grateful and waiting for a miracle and happy to share when I can.
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you got to see some really special shows

@jaxilla yes indeedy and met a whole lot of beautiful people turned family along the way.



My first Grateful Dead related storie is from May or June of 1961! I was 8 1/2 years old and I saw Jerry and Robert Hunter play at my elementary school, Peninsula School in Menlo Park, California. Many years later I told Jerry about it and he said, "That was our first paid gig...hey, they were going to pay us $5.00 each and never paid us!"

@smarcus1031 Grate Story and an experience of a lifetime.

Great story! Sounds like an amazing Terrapin experience!