Lee “Scratch” Perry, Subatomic Sound System
Brooklyn Bowl - Brooklyn, NY
Picture?width=180&height=180 Skebet Top Scratch Perry Moments

Top Scratch Perry Moments

This was one of those shows that felt like it started off slow, and then became this tableau of weird, awesome and fun moments:
- Scratch Perry, the diminutive Jamaican star with bright red dyed beard and hair, frequently calling out for the staff to bring him more red wine.
- A commotion erupts sidestage and space is quickly cleared for an older white man who turns out to be 78-year-old Chris Blackwell, founder of Island Records and the man most responsible for bringing reggae music to the wider world starting in the 1960s. Scratch offers multiple shoutouts from the stage to "Mr. Blackwell." see
- Scratch calls for the band to go into a groove on "Crazy Baldheads," the Bob Marley classic. Inexplicably, the band doesn't know the riff and the DJ doesn't have a sample. Scratch is incredulous, but gradually coaxes the band into the proper rhythm.
- A commotion erupts on the stage itself as a blonde female fan climbs on stage to dance with Scratch (I posted a picture separately on the event page.) Security comes to grab her and Scratch waves them off, letting the woman stay on stage. At that point it felt about right. Oh yeah, and the music was awesome.
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