Turkuaz, Polyrhythmics, and 1 more
Brooklyn Bowl - Brooklyn, NY
Picture?width=180&height=180 Skebet Turkuaz brings it for the home crowd

Turkuaz brings it for the home crowd

Williamsburg Brooklyn, my neighborhood for the last 12 years, has produced a lot of bands. But none of them give me that warm fuzzy feeling of hometown pride like Turkuaz. When I first met Turkuaz baritone sax player and vocalist Josh Schwartz six or seven years ago, the band was just getting its start playing obscure small rooms in the hood and around the northeast.
Now they are moving up the music business with a rocket, shaking bootys (or is that booties?) all over the country. So with a new album "Digitonium" coming out this week, last night's show was like the triumphant hometown return. The best evidence of that was the cluster of band parents catching the show and even dancing a little bit next to the stage ;-)
There really isn't a whole lot more to say about Turkuaz's music right now than that their shit is supertight. They've got their act down cold and their infectious party funk groove fills an important space out there right now. Between the serious no-vocals funk of New Mastersounds, the soul/jam funk of a Soulive or the hardcore American funk of a Lettuce, Turkuaz is at the top of party funk heap right now.
Also have to give some shout outs to the opening bands last night. I had never seen Pitchblak Brass Band and I throughly enjoyed their blend of hip hop and brass band eruptions.
Polyrhythmics also brought it with their infusion of African, Indian, Middle Eastern and Iberian influences.
And to end, here's a little Turkuaz bonus clip, the Introduction from the new album Digitonium
See you again at Turkuaz at the Bowl tonight! 5/5 Stars
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@Kiwihart @TheHashProject

Lead on to the promised land...the Funk Prophet not only lights the way but also leads the way. Right On!

Thanks SpiritBrother!

@Skebet, what an amazing recap! Turkuaz holds a special place in all of our hearts <3