The Notwist, Jel
Webster Hall - New York, NY
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Solid Show

I bought tickets last minute on Stubhub for well below face and showed up just in time for The Notwist's set. Webster Hall was less than half full. A few rowdy people lined the edges of the crowd, interrupting the quiet moments with incessant wooing. The rest mostly stood still... it reminded me of why I avoid "indie rock" shows. But lets talk about the music. The Notwist tour as a 6 piece band and definitely feel like trend towards indie rock over minimal electronics. Their sound is dark and moody - their "hits" (which comprised half the set) played well and they kept up solid energy throughout. Occasionally Console (the electronic guy) busted out his signature wii-mote but it was only at the end of the first encore with seamless transition from "Neon Golden" to "Pilot" did they pull off the electronics well. I enjoyed myself but I kept thinking that these guys aren't pushing boundaries enough. Their sound reminded me of Caribou... and I couldn't help but compare Notwist's indie leaning show to Caribou's genre bending craziness that I've seen make crowds of thousands dance. I guess thats why The Notwist played to a half filled room. It will be interesting to see how Caribou fare in the same place come November.... 4/5 stars.
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