The Old Vic - Waterloo, United Kingdom
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Rosegarden Funeral of Sores!

The clouds are coming in. Fall descends. What a great recording from the always entertaining Bauhaus! @Wrenzoh @robcoppo @DamianY
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I saw Peter Murphy at The Old Vic in L.A. Great show around 1989?
He played San Diego some time later.

Never been to the Old Vic, but seeing Love & Rockets at the Beacon in NYC was mind-blowing.

Well, by the looks of it, I'm thinking this is the Old Vic in England. I'm sure it'll get fixed soon. @robcoppo they have that Love & Rockets show here: https://fans.com/events/507484 create the first post and tell us about it. That band should reform. For real.

@DamianY Was that at the old Fox theatre by chance? I think that's where I saw him on the Deep tour. The lighting was amazing at that show (I tend to look at the lights). It felt like it was all circles. Great album, great tour. I then saw him at Spreckels a few years later. I was second row, so didn't really notice the lights. Still, amazing.

It was downtown SD
At one point he tilted a stage light up and sang over the top so it lit his face from below. I was still in college and could only afford the nose bleed section upstairs.