Soulive, Eric Krasno, and 8 more
Ford Amphitheater at Coney Island Boardwalk - Brooklyn, NY
Ntmosinos8i9a5m5ncvk?policy=eyjlehbpcnkiojmxntu3njawmdasimnhbgwiolsicmvhzcisimnvbnzlcnqixx0%3d&signature=11e150cf8f9eda6d535978740033af44dc4ecf534e6994e68f6745335d09cb60 Johnnyopps8 Soulive and Phil Lesh & Friends at Ford Amphitheater at Coney Island Boardwalk
After years of not going to shows it was Phil who brought me back home in 2015, and I made it a point to see him again almost a year to the day when he came back to my hometown.
The Ford Amphitheater is a pretty new venue and this was Phil's first visit. With Soullive, Eric Krasno,and the Shady Horns as his support Phil laid down bombs all night long in this tiny, very loud palace located on the boardwalk right next to the water in Big Coney.
There was something about this show that for me makes it stand out above the others that I attended through the year. Musically, perhaps the next night was better however, the experience I had on this evening was one of communion, of becoming one with the energy and the sound and I became an outlet for its manifestation. It's something that doesn't happen at every show.
I would say this was my second favorite show that I attended in 2016. Long Live Lesh!!!
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