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Triumph, Carnival Cruise Lines - New Orleans, LA
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My first cruise

I always used to say that I would never go on any of NKOTB's cruises 'cause of the cost. I thought it would be better to just do meet n greets at the concerts. But then the fall of last year, I suddenly changed my mind. I asked a couple of friends if they thought they might possibly have enough saved up for cruise 2016. They said they'd try. Sadly though, one didn't have enough money when it was time for tickets to go on sale.
To make a long story short, I truly needed that stress free weekend. That's why I just HAVE to go on cruise 2017! But I'll probably be going by myself, which is alright with me. I'm sure I'll meet some awesome people :). And I thought 2016 would be my only NKOTB cruise. Nope, I want more! I can't wait til they announce it.
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Que bueno, debe ser muy lindo ir a un crucero. Yo el proximo año tengo ganas de ir..