Peter Murphy
Rough Trade - Brooklyn, NY
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Unexpected Sunday w/ Peter Murphy

How great to join fans.com, pick an artist from your past you like, and find out that he's doing a special signing/show 10 minutes from the house the next day. Last minute we decided to head over and see what's up and was pleasantly surprised. I've seen enough reunion shows from my youth to lower expectation from any band/performer that did their thing in the 80's or 90's. However, expectations didn't need to be lowered. Peter came on stage casual in a t-shirt. Thanked the small crowd (75 to 100 of us) and played about 4 or 5 songs from his new album that were fantastic. He's kicking off his tour tomorrow at Irving Plaza here in NY and will try to fit that in last minute. If not, couldn't recommend this tour highly enough from what I saw today. Good stuff.
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