ABC Studios - Los Angeles, CA
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Uncontrollable Urge Live on Fridays!

I remember staying up for that!
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@biovert help me here. It's just hard to explain how innovative and good this band was in the day. I was a kid following the local punks lead on what to listen to but watching it now, considering no one was doing anything close. WOW

Here's what a lot of people don't know -- back in the day Devo was considered to be as weird as it could get. In fact, when someone didn't like you, they would yell DEVO! At you because people got the meaning that you were an outlier, someone weird. The fact that you've got middle-aged mothers dyeing their hair pink today was made possible by what Devo and the punks did back in the 1970s.

Well said. someone name @B-Stiff I think would 100% agree.

This is so great. Friday's was an amazing show. Kramer from Seinfeld got his start there. I actually had people call me "DEVO". LOL
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No one called me DEVO. Damn I wish SOMEONE would have called me that!!!
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and Fridays was the so good!!!!!