Ben UFO, Seth Troxler, and 3 more
Output - Brooklyn, NY
Picture?width=180&height=180 paul_morse2 Output on a Saturday

Output on a Saturday

I was really looking forward to seeing Ben UFO in a room that sounds as good as the main room at Output but too many other factors brought the night to a screeching halt. Mr. UFO is a spectacular DJ in my opinion and the addition of Seth Troxler didn't diminish my excitement for the evening as I was hoping that the both of them would go IN on some deep dark techno. Unfortunately the pairing just made for a disjointed set from both parties. Instead of separate sets they decided to go b2b, which works out well when guys are familiar with their partners style and they can rock out and drive the dance floor together all while being able to catch a breather every few tracks, but Saturday, not so much. From the start, the dance floor wasn't crowded and people were getting down during what felt like the initial tease of the evening. Everything sounded great as Output typically does with their amazing Funktion One system, but the mixing between both DJs was a bit lackadaisical when the two were trading off. At one point Ben UFO handed off and Seth Troxler took his sweet time getting to the next track and Ben had to alert him of the tracks disjointed ending. To which he responded with raised eyebrows something to the effect of "ah'what?" and then the tempo changed brought the floor to a grinding halt. eh. It was fairly early. The night proceeded on but the bummer for me was that as soon as the guys started getting into the groove, it hit peak Saturday. The dance floor was so packed with everyone staring in the direction of the DJ that one could barely get a hold of some real estate and dance comfortably. Not much you can do, I'm just not the biggest fan of dancing on top of someone. If you can manage to catch Ben UFO at any point I would definitely suggest checking him out. He's one of my favorites at the moment. Until next time, I will continue to rock his BBC essential mix into the ground.
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