The Infamous Stringdusters, Hoots and Hellmouth
Brooklyn Bowl - Brooklyn, NY
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On The Record: Mike

"I’ve actually performed with the guitar player for the Stringdusters for many years— they’re an amazing band— the level of proficiency of the instrumentalists is just unparalleled. Their vocal power. Their freshness and originality, yet somehow, the familiarity of their compositions. The genuine chemistry between the positions. Whether you like this genre of music or not, you can appreciate them at an almost-objective level. These guys are top notch players, no question.
When I’m at a show, it’s kind of like eating ice cream— I like chocolate, but I don’t always like to buy chocolate every single time. That’s kind of what going to a concert is like. You have the things you like, but you also need variation to be fully satisfied."
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Very well said in the second paragraph.