Sensational Space Shifters, Sean Rowe, and 1 more
The Capitol Theatre - Port Chester, NY
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A Whole Lotta Love!

Ok this is the 3rd time this year I've seen Robert Plant and the Sensational Space Shifters. And let's be clear, I'm seeing THAT band. Not Robert Plant, not Zep nostalgia, but a fucking great current, modern unit.
What is it about this group? I don't come into it as some huge Zep fan. Of course I know and dig the Zep catalog. Who has turned on a radio the last 40 years doesnt? But this is different. Check out "Turn it Up" from a show earlier this year. Each time I've heard this song live now it's been completely different.
Justin Adams (the short haired guitarist) is entertaining as sin and plays his riffs with his entire body, almost kabooki style, which finds it's way to his hands and the guitar. Can watch that guy for hours.
Their whole repertoire of "new" stuff is on this caliber.
I think what really is striking live though, is just how much they're actually into it. It's inspiring to see Robert, these years on, just, in it. Age is a number that is diminished by the ability to be vital and engaged in your surroundings. Plant, with the space shifters, in this respect, embraces and transcends all that. You see this band, you're watching masters at work. Completely enjoying themselves. Check out this clip from this show doing a song you prob never heard before but I dare you to look away!
Even when he's belting out the old classics as he does with "Black Dog" at The Brooklyn Bowl las fall he does it just they way he wants to. And it compltely works. You know what I mean? Ahhh? uh huhhhhh? Ahhh...Uh huhhh
Find your way to one of his remaining shows if you're lucky enough. I felt lucky as hell to see them at The Cap!
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