Blood Sugar Sex Magik
By: Red Hot Chili Peppers
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Remember longboxes?

When CDs were still new, record stores had shelving for actual record albums. CDs were placed in these long cardboard boxes (appropriately called longboxes) so they would fit in the shelves and be seen alongside the records. By 94' they were being phased out and there was a fairly vocal backlash against the wasted packaging.
I still remember getting Blood Sugar Sex Magik and Pearl Jam's TEN in longboxes...
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Haha yup for sure. 80s/90s nostalgia in full effect!

I think Peter Gabriel had one of the first CDs not packed in a long box, or maybe it was U2. But, of course by that time all of the music stores had the infrastructure to support those. As you mentioned they had the LP bins, that had been subdivided for these longboxes. So, remember that's when you started to see those ridiculous plastic frames (which at least were reusable) surrounding the actual CD packages.