Dick's Sporting Goods Park - Denver, CO
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Trey's thank you to the crowd

"I just gotta take a moment here at the end of this unbelievable tour to just express our deepest gratitude to all of you. As this kinda comes to a close, this summer tour. Also, to everybody watching and listening at home, this is for you guys too, and everybody here in the room... Basically what I want to say is that I can't really begin to tell you how much the four of us appreciate and feel um, blessed to be part of something that has become so... to us at least.. I'm talking about this community and this scene that we look at every night has SO SO beautiful and SO unique. So I know we're up here playing the music, but this is kind of a chance to say that to you. We talk about it a lot backstage, at the festival, here at Dick's, and it is just such a good feeling and you guys are kind of creating it all, so we feel like we are a small part of that, whatever that is you know. And we wanna thank you guys, really, from the bottom of our hearts. So it was a great summer and we can't wait to keep up with you on the journey wherever that goes next, I know Mexico or whatever, there will be a lot more. Hopefully we will be back here again." -Trey Anastasio
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This is yet another recent example of the unbelievable care and feeding (Magnaball) Phish provides their fans and how lucky I feel to attend. I'm taking off my leash now temporarily, they've been leading me around since Bend.