Natalie Merchant
MetLife Stadium - East Rutherford, NJ
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The time we failed Natalie in her first online chat: Jingle Ball 1995

We were doing one of the first "cybercasts" from a live show and Natalie came into the room for a "chat" at our supersonic online station backstage which was powered by two desktops (no laptops of course) 4 28.8 modems tied together, and these really crude early apple (or kodak?) digital cameras. Back then, etiquette in chat rooms was something to be desired. Who am I fooling, chat rooms were precursors to comment sections, which still are god awful places! When she approached all of us geeks with her manager she asked what this was all about. I believe we educated her about the internet for her first time and sold the beauty of the new worldwide online community she was about to experience.
She sat down, skeptical, but game, and prepared for the first question. We had the chat room prepped and excited so we let her see the first unmoderated question (all information should be free right?). The first words that flicked across the yellow and black Private IRC room was well.... I won't repost it here but let's just say her response to it was to stand up and walk directly to her dressing room.
The chat lasted about 10 seconds. She never said or typed a word. These were the early days of the internet, wild west, figuring it out as it went. I wish I had a screen capture of it all. What a blast! Still sorry Natalie!
And because the internet has, uh, improved, a tad since then there is of course a high quality clip from my favorite song of hers from that show.
Check out who else played. If i get time I'll reorder this in who headlined. I'm almost certain though goo goo dolls had top billing over DMB.
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I'm not exactly sure why I wasn't at the Jingle Ball. Best guess is I was at the office trying to wrangle the chatroom.

Yeah, and anyone in the chatroom at that time was your friend. It all makes sense now. ;)