Elliott Smith
Belly Up Tavern - Solana Beach, CA
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It was a sad night, like other times I'd seen Elliott. But maybe that's in my memory, now that we know what was soon to happen. It was always best to see him with others on stage as they seemed to give him a focus and determination to get through his songs. I popped for the extra VIP seats upstairs as I was there solo, and wanted to be in my own space. After a few songs, another solo person upstairs quietly asked if he could move into the empty seat next to me cause the people he was sitting next to were singing (horribly) each song and he couldn't take it. I gave him a nod, I understood. I also made sure I wasn't humming the harmonies too loudly. The show itself was the best I ever saw or heard him live. He got through almost everything without a false start. It was awhile ago, so I can't speak to the specific songs played, but suffice that there wasn't anything that I was missing off of the list. Just beautiful. Dammit Elliott...why?
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That's great memory @Wrenzoh. Had no idea you went to this show. Thanks for sharing.