And Also the Trees
Bataclan - Paris, France
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Great old find

What a great set. AATT, in Paris, in their prime. THis was probabaly in support of the fine album:
Prince Rupert- 0:07
The Street Organ- 4:57
Belief in the Rose- 8:55
A Room Lives in Lucy- 13:17
The Suffering of the Stream- 16:49
The House of the Heart- 20:47
Misfortunes- 24:01
Count Jeffrey- 28:10
Needle Street- 33:46
Simple Tom and the Ghost of Jenny Bailey- 37:21
Lady D'Arbanville- 41:47
Shaletown- 45:55
Slow Pulse Boy- 50:15
The Horse Fair- 56:51
Ill Omen- 1:00:10
Encore 1
"Shantell!!!!" (he's going to have to wait a bit)- 1:04:07
From the Silver Frost- 1:04:12
Macbeth's Head- 1:08:17
Shantell- 1:12:51
Encore 2
Virus Meadow- 1:16:41
Encore 3
Vincent Craine- 1:22:26
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Great one @DamianY

Ah! All the original members. Steven runs around the stage like I do. Some of the same songs they did when I saw them. Including starting with Prince Rupert.