The California Honeydrops, Bonnie Raitt
Historic Tennessee Theatre - Knoxville, TN
Default profile picture Evildad Bonnie was wonderful as always

Bonnie was wonderful as always

The concert was awesome. The California Honeydrops were a great opener, lots of fun, and Bonnie brought the horn players out for a couple of songs during her set. She played about a half dozen songs from Dig In Deep, the new CD. I couldn't keep a setlist because my phone was about to die, but she opened with "Need You Tonight" and played "Women Be Wise," Jerry Rafferty's "Right Down the Line," "I Can't Make You Love Me," "Angel From Montgomery," "Something to Talk About," "The Coming Round is Going Through," Shakin' Shakin' Shakes," "All Alone With Something To Say" and closed out her encore with "Sweet and Shiny Eyes."
The venue is really beautiful. It was unfortunate that right before doors opened, signs were posted that "cameras and recording devices are strictly prohibited." They also announced from the stage, no cellphone photos, and it was being enforced. But on the final song, Bonnie invited everybody to "take out your cameras and take all the pictures you want," so there's that. I got one cellphone picture from my seat in the pit before the phone died.
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