East India Youth, Kathryn Calder
The Casbah - San Diego, CA
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A wonderful show but an embarrassment for San Diego. Kathryn opened the show with a beautiful 10 song set set featuring 6 songs from her new album to all of 12 people including the bartender. Half of them left before William Doyle came out. I like his two albums and was very interested in seeing a live performance. He did not disappoint. The one man show created his sonic experience with his vocals, bass playing and furious knob turning of his synths and computer. It felt like a command performance in my private living room. I spoke with them after, thanked them for their performances and apologized for the lack of support from our fair city.
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Yeah, but when either of these bands really blow up, it'll be like you were here:


Which of course was the OLD Casbah which I went to more than than the new one. Shit I'm old.