Emmylou Harris, The Milk Carton Kids, and 6 more
The Town Hall - New York, NY
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Truth be told, we were quite tired and thought about selling our tickets last minute. So, happy to have rallied. What a beautiful show.
I didn't know what to expect with all those artists. I certainly didn't expect them to be sitting in a half circle, on stage, all together, singing their own songs, each others, playing together, sometimes. Solo.
The powerful Emmylou Harris sat in the middle and truly commanded the stage. Steve Earle has so many songs to choose from that it's just fun to see what will come next. I was actually nervous for Robert Plant, in this quiet environment, having to follow the chops of Ms. Harris, but wow, did he deliver. He started with an Elvis cover and ended with "lilttle maggie" from his last album.
Buddy Miller and The Milk Carton kids were a new and entirely great discovery for me.
Joan Baez came out at the end to a standing ovation and brought down the house.
And for a good cause too.
Here's a taste from a show earlier in the week
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Sounds like an awesome experience. Glad you could make it!