Picture?width=180&height=180 Skebet Wait where are we?

Wait where are we?

My friend and I each rocking out to Phish at Watkins Glen live on stream on simultaneous separate headphones while side stage at Brooklyn Bowl waiting for Dick Dale to come on.
Feels very meta.
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20 years ago what you just described was incomprehensible to me in the cyberpunk fiction I was just getting into. now we live it.

No doubt. Truth is stranger than fiction now. Gibson, Stephenson - eat your heart out.

Meta indeed! So what's the latest word on multi-tasking??

Hi Mom! The latest word on multitasking is fixing Bea's answering machine while running downstairs to pick up Mets-Yankees tickets from Tristan while listening to James Brown on headphone stream while getting ready to come upstate tomorrow!