Camp Randall Field House - Madison, WI
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i was losing my shit on mushrooms and had to leave that show early, which was unfortunate.
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Do you remember anything they played? Not sure if there is a full set list from this show

i had actually never heard of them, and had already taken the shrooms when a friend said "you have to come see this band right now..." so no, i didn't know the songs.

This show is mislabeled. It was held at Der Rathskeller at Union South on The UW campus. It's the student union

just curious, were you there or are you using a source for that info?

now, as i have said, my memory of the evening is compromised at best, but i don't think it was in the rat, as i remember a higher stage, no tables and no pillars.

i can't say if it was in the field house or not as i don't think i ever saw another band play in the space that i saw phish play that time. and i saw a ton of shows at the rat, but couldn't even begin to tell you where the field house was.