Aaron Freeman, Gene Ween, and 1 more
Brooklyn Bowl - Brooklyn, NY
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I'm still trying to make sense of this show. This helped some
MA: [Ween drummer] Claude Coleman said that in the early days of Ween it was sometimes like a war between you guys and the audience. You guys would be singing the same Cat Stevens songs like 20 times in a row for a punk audience and they hated it. Do you love fucking with people?
AF: Yeah, that was incredible. I’m still like that. That was at City Gardens and we were playing in front of a bunch of skinheads and they just hated us. Mickey and I were on mushrooms or something. The audience hated us so much that they were literally crying. They threw gum in my hair. And I just kept fucking going. I was like, “Well, I’m either gonna get trampled by like 200 skinheads and be killed or I can just go for it and make them even more pissed off.” It was totally punk rock. Breaking these people from their bullshit and provoking reaction.
@Saber I wonder what City Gardens show he was talking about? A lot listed here:
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True story!

Were you there?

love that, Ween had way more of a punk rock attitude than the skinheads screaming at them.