The Levon Helm Band
Fort Adams State Park - Newport, RI
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Full set from Newport Folk Festival

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Had the pleasure of seeing Levon 5 or 6 times. I love him so much. The Band is my favorite band ever. His autobiography was terrific, yet heartbreaking. Hated reading about the bitter breakup. RIP Levon, Rick and Richard.

Do it yourself a favor and find the Helm and Danko show from 1982 in Oregon (Eugene?). Its amazing.

never knew you loved The Band! Would love some other listening recommendations if any come to mind.
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Oh man, there's obviously too many to list them all. Bobby Charles is great. Listen to his self titled album, which most of The Band helps out on. It's just great song writing..... more to follow
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And, I'm assuming you've listened to all of The Band's stuff. Studio albums are all great. 'Music from Big Pink' is iconic. The Last Waltz discs of course. And their Rock of Ages discs, it was the first time they played with horns - arranged by Allen Tousaint. Also a great version of Stevie Wonder's "Loving you is Sweeter Than Ever" is in there