Off The Record - San Diego, CA
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The shows we miss!

You know, that time Nirvana played the record store blocks from your house when you were around.
Source: http://www.sandiegoreader.com/weblogs/bands/2008/oct/09/50-greatest-concerts-in-san-diego-history-1917---2/#
10-24-91 – Nirvana at Off The Record: Thanks to the Hillcrest record store's relationship with Geffen Records, OTR hosted Nirvana for an in-store appearance near the start of their first national headline tour. "Right when we found out [Nirvana] was definitely coming, Nevermind jumped from number 20 to number 7 on the Billboard charts," recalls store manager Phil Galloway. "Part of the deal was that we had to provide the equipment, a 12-string guitar, a PA...the plan was for them to do an all-acoustic set. Geffen [Records], or some radio network, was also going to record it. Things on our side fell through because we had all right-handed instruments, and so Curt went ahead and played electric guitar. They ended up doing a whole 40-minute hard-rock set."
"After the set, they hung out and signed autographs and posters for people. You could tell Curt [Cobain] wasn't into that part at all, though. He wasn't in the mood to pose for pictures and, well, let's just say he was definitely feeling down. Not at all like he was during the set...A lot of us talked about that later, how he seemed to be having a great time, and all of a sudden he looked so miserable and depressed. The guys in the band went out to dinner with a bunch of the employees, some record-company people, and even a few customers got invited along, but that definitely wasn't something [Cobain] was into." A video of this performance has been uploaded to YouTube.