Joni Mitchell
Picture?width=180&height=180 Skebet Incisive, sad article about one of the greats

Incisive, sad article about one of the greats


"You start out being a fan of some teenybop star when you are 12 or 13 and then grow out of it. You cringe and shudder when you remember those hot, passionate feelings for the little doe-eyed boy-man, deny that you ever had a Smash Hits centrefold of Donny Osmond or One Direction on your bedroom wall. But what if you started to listen to someone when you were 17, someone who was one of the greatest of their generation and of the century, who articulated that particular moment when opposing longings for love and for artistic self-expression are waging war in you? And nearly 50 years later, you are still a fan, and the person whose music means everything to you is hospitalized and in danger and you’re holding your breath; you’re ready to be heartbroken."