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Eddie Money
I saw Eddie Money mid-80's in Buies Creek NC, Campbell University . Anybody else?
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Fanadama posted about a show from September 7, 2019
Greg Kihn Band, Rick Springfield, and Eddie Money at Rose Music Center at The Heights
Great show! Rick sounds great.
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Yanobrand posted about a show from September 30, 1982
The Who w/ Eddie Money, The Clash at Silverdome
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On this day, many moons ago, I took a short road trip from Ann Arbor to Pontiac Michigan, to scalp a ticket to see the Who and the Clash.
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SICK line up.. super jealous haha
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I was there! It was my first concert. As a fifteen year old it was quite overwhelming. I distinctly remember the clash getting booed .Mixing genres didn't work for concerts back then.

The Clash was awesome and The Who knew it.
Crimfog posted about a show from July 16, 1978
Kansas, The Rolling Stones, Peter Tosh w/ Eddie Money at Folsom Field
add Peter Tosh to the lineup!
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Thanks for letting us know. That update will appear shortly. Happy Friday!