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Yanobrand posted about a show from December 29, 1984
Grateful Dead at San Francisco Civic Auditorium
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I think it's $13.50? That's about how much we used to pay for concerts back then at Ticketron in our local Licorice Pizza or Moby Disc record store. Heck, I paid $20 for the US Festival in 83' for 7 heavy metal bands and over 13 hours of music! I could even afford a shirt! My first Dead show in 84' cost about $12 to $15.
PeterBklyn posted about
Grateful Dead
The "SOUNDCHECK" 7/27/1973
There is plenty of great music today but in my opinion there will never be a better 3 bands than the ones that took the stage in upstate NY on 7/27&28,1973.... See More
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I was there for the Soundcheck and the Show. Unfortunately, you have a bit of a mix-up on the dates. Mountain Jam was part of the Encore Jam by members of all three (3) bands and was NOT played during the Soundcheck on the 27th. It was also about 30 minutes long, so you are only getting a tease of the actual show song. One last thing, there are a lot of pictures of Duane in the music montage. I'm sure its just for effect but he died two years before the Summer Jam.

Just about everyone on this FANS site knows exactly when and how Dwayne died. I enjoy look back at old photo's when watching a video. I was going to post "So Many Roads " THE SOUNDCHECK but chose this one because of the pictures.

@PeterBklyn - Duane
ArchiveToday posted about a show from July 19, 1987
Grateful Dead at Autzen Stadium - University of Oregon
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AMPiper posted about a show from August 15, 1987
Grateful Dead at Telluride Blues & Brews Festival
Harmonic Convergence
Baba opened - had drum lessons on the street in town. What a wonderful weekend!
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AMPiper posted about a show from March 23, 1974
Grateful Dead at Cow Palace
Wall of Sound -
It was the sound test for the Wall, 'nuff said
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